Saturday, October 22, 2016

--My search ended there--

--My search ended there--
In search for the truth,i found that my 'I' had no existence. I found out that
this 'I' was not individual but the Universal 'I'.
The real 'I' was the entire existence,without any individuality.
With this finding ,my search ended there.
What existed was not 'I' but Brahman.
You feel that your existence is important.Hence,everything is important to you. If your existence loses its importance,nothing has any importance to you.
~~'Nothing is everything' p:134 the quintessential teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj~~
It is really significant to read this Sri Nisargadatta's statement and then read what the modern scientists of quantum mechanics and astrophysicists say.
"That we are part of an ocean of ebullated energy of a whole,a web, where everything is interconnected,but we have the illusion of individuality,because is what our physiology permit us to perceive."

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